The Bean Bag

  • The Bean Bag

    The Bean Bag

    Reusable Coffee Bean Bag


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    Great for Beans

    and Freshly Ground Coffee!


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The Bean Bag: Reusable Coffee Bean Bag

The next time you go to the store for fresh supply of coffee beans, don’t grab a throwaway paper bag—fill up The Bean Bag instead! With The Bean Bag (patent pending), you get a thoughtfully-crafted, American-made, reusable, fabric container specifically designed to transport your coffee beans or freshly ground coffee from the store to your home or office. The Bean Bag replaces that drab brown paper bag sitting on your counter with soft-but-durable cotton in a design of your choice, from the elegant cappuccino-colored Pour Over to the outrageous beefcakes on Hot Drink.

Sustainable Style

Using The Bean Bag lets you do your part to reduce the almost 5 million paper bags that American coffee drinkers go through every week —one for every man, woman, and child in Houston and Chicago combined. That’s hundreds of trees worth of paper that coffee drinkers throw right in the bin on a weekly basis. Reusable grocery bags are fast becoming the norm, and it’s time for coffee bean bags to follow suit.

Buy yours now in our online store. The Bean Bag makes a great gift for your favorite coffee-drinker. The Bean Bag also fits as a sleeve over a standard one-pound coffee bag.

The Bean Bag is available for purchase in bulk with your own custom designs and logos, so you can hand them out to employees, customers, guests, or anyone else you want to impress. Contact us for bulk or wholesale orders.

Get the Word Out, Get Free Coffee

The Bean Bag is always available online, but we like to stock in stores so our customers can see how easily The Bean Bag fits under the coffee bean chute, and the grinder. We are expanding to new stores all the time, and you can help. If your local coffee bean purveyor doesn’t offer The Bean Bag, send us their name and location and we’ll do the rest. If they start carrying The Bean Bag, we’ll send you a coupon for a free cup of coffee.

A Few Notes on Coffee Bean Storage

Does coffee stays fresh in a plastic-lined paper bag? Not really. That pesky oxygen can seep its way into a lot of tight spots, including a rolled-down bag top. Each time we open the bag to pour out the daily dose, oxygen enters the bag, reacting with the beans or ground coffee all day while we are out at work, or going for a run, or hanging with friends. The “one-way valve” seen on some bags is to release CO2 built up when the beans are initially packaged and sealed just after roasting. With this bag, too, once the top seal is broken, oxygen enters and reacts with the beans during each use. Optimal storage to minimize oxygen contact means putting the beans into an air-tight container, preferably with a vacuum pump. You can slip The Bean Bag directly into your container and seal in all that attractive goodness.

  • How to Store Your Coffee Beans

    Wondering how to store your coffee beans to keep them fresh? You want to maximize the flavor of your beans from first cup to last, so take a quick look at how much coffee you go through in two weeks and set that as the maximum amount of coffee to load into The Bean Bag.

    You go to the grocery store at least once a week, right? Instead of buying more coffee than you need for the week and storing it in the freezer, it is a better idea to buy a smaller amount once every week or two weeks during your regular shopping trip.

    I know, I know, you’ve been buying more coffee beans at a time because you don’t want to waste a paper bag each time. That’s why The Bean Bag is the perfect solution to your dilemma. groceries and fresh coffee beansWe’ve got quite a lot of customers who buy two Bean Bags. One is on the counter with beans and the other is folded up in their grocery bag. Each week, or every other week, they buy fresh beans just as the bag on the counter is almost empty. They trade out the bags, with the just-emptied bag going into the grocery bag, ready for next week’s shopping trip.

    Coffee experts agree: you should never, ever store your beans in a paper bag in the freezer. If you must freeze, place the beans in an air-tight container and then put them in the frig or freezer. The Bean Bag can go straight into that storage container before you place your beans into the ol’ icebox.

    Here’s a link to some beautiful coffee canisters on etsy.

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