• The Bean Bag

    The Bean Bag

    Reusable Coffee Bean Bag


  • Great for Beans

    Great for Beans

    and Freshly Ground Coffee!


  • Sustainable


    Reusable & Multi-Purpose


Are You Still using A Paper Bag?

The Bean Bag Is Better!

The next time you head to the store for some freshly roasted coffee beans, don’t grab a throw-away paper bag—fill up The Bean Bag instead! Order today for fast delivery.

• Reusable cloth coffee bag – cool designs

• No spilled beans – secure closure, and bag won’t tear

• Quality fabric and construction – U.S.-made

• Organic, guatemalan, and retro designs 

Sustainable Style

• The Bean Bag makes a great gift for your favorite coffee-person.

• Great for dry goods, too – rice, beans, pasta.

• Landing in the landfill: many paper coffee bags are lined with a plastic film or foil and are not recyclable.

• U.S. coffee drinkers throw out over 5 million paper coffee bags every week! That’s a forest worth of paper in the garbage bin.

Plastic-lined paper bag? Not for my coffee.

See our blog post on coffee storage for ways to keep your beans fresh and delicious. (Hint: it’s not in the roll-down store bag)

Take Me Shopping

The Bean Bag fits perfectly in store coffee grinder

The Bean Bag folds up easy, opens fast, and waits patiently in your cart while you go off to get fruit, milk for a cappuccino, maybe a little chocolate to snack on later.