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New 100% Organic Cotton Coffee Bean Bags

The best things are worth searching for! We’ve found a beautiful, heavy-weight, 100% organic cotton to create our new solid color coffee bean bags. Just in time for Thanksgiving and the Holidays, the new bag colors have coffee drink names, of course – Latte (natural), Espresso (deep brown), and Pumpkin Spice (soft orange). Plus Salted Caramel (medium brown), Matcha (green), and Midnight in Morocco (deep blue).

Wondering what to give a colleague at the office gift exchange? Order The Bean Bag now, fill it up with a pound of French Roast at your local coffee roaster or grocery store a few days before the party, wrap it in holiday paper, or not… The Bean Bag looks great on its own and you can slip a gift tag through the label.

There, that was so easy!

gift bag