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Italian Design for Italian Roast Beans

We have the perfect bag for your Italian Roast coffee beans! These reusable and washable secure-closure bags are on their way from our mid-West sewing contractor this week. The bags are made of a beautiful 100% cotton fabric and feature a gorgeous Italian “pavone” design reminiscent of the Venetian or Florentine style of marbled papers that gained popularity in 17th-century Italy. The marbleizing technique is still in use today. For more historical background on marbleizing, check out this June, 2018 story in Italy magazine.

Marbleized paper may have first been developed in 12th century Japan. The art form evolved in the Middle East and Europe in the 15th – 17th centuries. Colored pigments are floated on a liquid, and paper or fabric are carefully placed on or drawn across the medium to create intricate, flowing and unique designs. The design is named “pavone” in Italian because it looks like peacock feathers.

Italian Roast is a distinctively dark roast, so you’ll enjoy using a distinctive bag for this special coffee.