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The Bean Bag on Instagram – @thecoffeebeanbag

You can now find The Bean Bag on Instagram: @thecoffeebeanbag

We’ve been rolling along – designing, prototyping, product testing, patenting. It took a year to find a top-quality U.S. The Bean Bag logo's Cup & Saucer with steaming hot coffeemanufacturer for The Bean Bag. Following that up with inventory management and quality control. Plus processing and filling all of your orders. Now we are ready to share this cool bag on social media. Check us out on Instagram and share your coffee photos.


Why is The Bean Bag’s Instagram username @thecoffeebeanbag? Because a styrofoam pellet chair had already snagged The Bean Bag for their domain name. That makes sense. Turns out “thebeanbag” is also pretty common on Instagram, so we added “coffee” to help you find exactly the right kind of Bag for your Beans.

Imagine thinking you were ordering a rugged, washable, secure-closure bag for your coffee beans only to have a huge chair full of styrofoam delivered to your door. They sure are comfortable, but it’s hard not to spill your coffee trying to get up out of one.