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How to Store Your Coffee Beans

Wondering how to store your coffee beans to keep them fresh? You want to maximize the flavor of your beans from first cup to last, so take a quick look at how much coffee you go through in two weeks and set that as the maximum amount of coffee to load into The Bean Bag.

You may go to the grocery store about once a week, maybe twice. Instead of buying a month’s worth of coffee beans and storing them in the freezer, consider buying a smaller amount every week or two weeks during your regular shopping trip.

I know, I know, you’ve been buying more coffee beans at a time because you don’t want to waste a paper bag each time. That’s why The Bean Bag is the perfect solution to your dilemma. groceries and fresh coffee beansMost of our customers buy two Bean Bags. One is on the counter with beans or ground coffee and the other is folded up in their grocery bag. Each week, or every other week, they buy fresh coffee just as the bag on the counter is almost empty. They trade out the bags, with the just-emptied bag going into the grocery bag, ready for next week’s shopping trip.

Coffee experts agree: you should never, ever store your coffee in a paper bag in the freezer. Even the plastic lining – or a plastic coffee bag – will not keep it fresh. If you must freeze, place the beans or ground coffee in an air-tight container and put that in the fridge or freezer. The Bean Bag can go straight into that storage container before you place it into the ol’ icebox.

Here’s a link to some beautiful coffee canisters on etsy.