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Coffee Offset

There are a lot of fantastic coffee roasters out there who don’t offer their beautiful beans in bulk.

So look at The Bean Bag as your coffee offset – using a cool, secure-closure, washable, reusable cloth bag when you can, to offset the times when you can’t.

Buy The Bean Bag for yourself anyway. Use it for your rice, or beans, or another favorite bulk item you buy at the grocery store. The Bean Bag is easy to fill with dry goods, and handy to keep in the cupboard. Choose Red for Rice, and Blue for Beans, so that you know in an instant what you’ve got on the shelf.

Guatemalan Brilliant BLuesWe get it! You want to try new coffees, but these small specialty roasters aren’t able to refill The Bean Bag yet. You don’t want to have to throw away their empty bag each week, but right now it’s the only way to buy their coffee. Ask your roaster if they’ll set up a refill system for their regular customers. Show them The Bean Bag.