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Celebrating All of Coffee’s Attributes

Coffee beans are visual, aural, tactile, and aromatic, even before they are ground and brewed into a delicious drink. Celebrate all of coffee’s attributes to enhance your home experience. Fill up The Bean Bag once a week with freshly roasted coffee from your local roaster or store, and notice the soft sound and comforting feel of the beans in a cloth bag, instead of in brittle plastic or paper.

When you get home, take a moment to relax and inhale that roasted coffee aroma as you pour the beans from the bag into an attractive air-tight container on your counter. Put the container where you can see it, but away from the stove and direct sun. Fold up The Bean Bag and tuck it into your grocery bag, ready for next week’s shopping trip; nothing to recycle or throw away.

Optimal storage of coffee beans or grounds is in a cool cupboard or corner, in an opaque, air-tight container, but there’s no need to stress over storage if you use up your coffee stash every 7 – 10 days. And we can all enjoy a little less stress.