Where does your paper or plastic coffee bean bag go when you’re through with it?

The Bean BagTM is designed and produced by Resource Efficiency Products (REPS), a small Oregon company that creates sustainable and reusable versions of common products that would otherwise be used just once and thrown away — REPS products reduce waste without sacrificing quality, functionality, or your beautiful style.

The Bean Bag (patent pending) is our first product in a line of many beautiful, sustainable concepts. Next up on The Bean Bag production line are a magnet-closure version, organic cottons, and a coated, wipe-clean fabric for finely ground beans.

You can feel good about this: The Bean Bag is proudly made in the Pacific Northwest and Colorado by workers making a living wage in safe, clean conditions. Our hip fabrics are sourced from textile artists all over the planet. This is working art, in your pocket and on your counter. REPS continues to find new ways to ensure that each product that reaches our customers is ethically sourced so you know that your purchase is making a difference.

Also on deck, REPS is working to provide people in coffee-producing countries an additional source of revenue, and anticipates sourcing high-quality, regionally woven textiles to convert into coffee bean bags on-site and at our U.S. sewing contractors by 2020.

Take Me Shopping

The Bean Bag fits perfectly in store coffee grinder

The Bean Bag folds up easy, opens fast, and waits patiently in your cart while you go off to get fruit, milk for a cappuccino, maybe a little chocolate to snack on later.


Custom Bean Bags

  • Custom Bean Bags For Group
  • Custom Bean Bags For Event
  • Custom Bean Bags For Company
  • Custom Bean Bags For School

Great for marketing and fund-raising. The Bean Bag is available in bulk quantities using our designs, or with your custom logo.