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Can you make a magnetic bag closure, instead of the Velcro?

YES! We have a magnet bag closure in the works; just sourcing the magnets in the right size and strength, and we’ll have ’em ready for you on the website. Get on our email list to receive an email when the “magno-bags” are through production!

Can you print custom designs and make special bags for me?

YES! Please fill out our Custom Inquiry Form. We’ll send you the design specs for your art and get those bags in the works. Allow 6 – 8 weeks to print your special fabric, make the bags, and deliver them to you.

Do you have other types of fabrics to choose from?

We are in progress sourcing regionally woven fabrics from coffee-growing countries. We are investigating food-safe recycled polypropylene options for finely-ground coffee.

Love those Seahawks/’9ers/Warriors/Red Sox… When will you feature team logos?

We are researching franchise options with Pro and College teams around the country. If you’d like Bean Bags for your high school sports teams, fill out our Custom Inquiry Form for custom bag info.

Where are The Bean Bags made?

The Bean Bags are made in the USA, by people making a decent wage and working under safe and healthy conditions that you probably wouldn’t mind working in yourself. Especially if you’re a textile geek, like me. We’re located in the lovely Pacific Northwest.

Rush Orders

If you need a rush order, please email us at with “rush order” in the subject line. We’ll get you a shipping price and get your order taken care of right away.

Can I buy a cheaper bag?

You might be able to save a dollar or two buying a knock-off bean bag, but it would be lousy quality, and bring you no joy.

Take Me Shopping

The Bean Bag fits perfectly in store coffee grinder

The Bean Bag folds up easy, opens fast, and waits patiently in your cart while you go off to get fruit, milk for a cappuccino, maybe a little chocolate to snack on later.