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Product Use & Care


Write the bin # or beans/grounds selection on a wired paper label (often available in bulk goods area) and slip the wire through The Bean Bag’s label. Give it a gentle twist to secure and you’re all set. Or use an adhesive  paper label (also in bulk goods area) and tap it firmly onto the bag.

Bag Care and Cleaning

As you fill and refill your bag, the oils from the coffee beans can be absorbed by the fabric, making it smell like a fresh cup of coffee but affecting the color. If that isn’t your cup of tea—er, coffee—close the bag and throw it in the washing machine with gentle laundry detergent. Hang to dry, or put it in the dryer and then iron while slightly damp to get those nice creases back. Make sure your bag is completely dry before filling with beans or grounds.

To ensure that the bag closure remains as sticky as the day you bought it, use a fresh, clean toothbrush to gently dislodge coffee grounds from the hook-and-loop closure strips.

The Bean Bag can also be filled with other dry bulk goods, such as rice, pasta, beans, and more!

Take Me Shopping

The Bean Bag fits perfectly in store coffee grinder

The Bean Bag folds up easy, opens fast, and waits patiently in your cart while you go off to get fruit, milk for a cappuccino, maybe a little chocolate to snack on later.