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New 100% Organic Cotton Coffee Bean Bags

The best things are worth searching for! We’ve found a beautiful, heavy-weight, 100% organic cotton to create our new solid color coffee bean bags. Just in time for Thanksgiving and the Holidays, the new bag colors have coffee drink names, of course – Latte (natural), Espresso (deep brown), and Pumpkin Spice (soft orange). Plus Salted Caramel (medium brown), Matcha (green), and Midnight in Morocco (deep blue).

Wondering what to give a colleague at the office gift exchange? Order The Bean Bag now, fill it up with a pound of French Roast at your local coffee roaster or grocery store a few days before the party, wrap it in holiday paper, or not… The Bean Bag looks great on its own and you can slip a gift tag through the label.

There, that was so easy!

gift bag

Spring Break – Coffee Lovers Hit The Road

This Spring, we are looking forward to lots of houseguests, with travelers stopping by from all across the country, many of them coffee lovers who will be leaving with The Bean Bag of their own. While guests are here, we keep three bags on the counter: World Traveler holds my favorite espresso beans, while French Roast for pour-overs is in H2O, and Citrus-Lime Burst is for our decaf drinkers. We love having family and friends with such a broad range of habits (and caffeine tolerances) sitting together enjoying a cup of coffee first thing every morning. For us, those times together are the memories that we most cherish.

With many trips to the grocery store over the winter, we have begun using The Bean Bags not just to carry our coffee, but for many other bulk ingredients. The Bean Bag works great for nuts and grains. Fill it up with pecans for pie, or with rice for your aunt’s famous pilaf!

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift, you can order The Bean Bag with expedited shipping. We roll out new fabrics and designs quarterly, so make sure to keep checking back. Or contact us with a fabric or color request and we’ll look for something that fits your style.

Storing Your Coffee Beans

Storing Your Coffee Beans

So you’ve filled The Bean Bag with a pound of beautiful, toast-toned, freshly-roasted Guatemalan beans, made the trek back home through traffic and are unpacking your grocery bags, storing each item in its place.

The apples go in the frig to retain their crispness. The garlic comes out of the plastic bag and into a basket – garlic lasts longest when it’s kept out of the light, with good air circulation. If you use it up fairly quickly, keep it in a small basket on the counter, out of the sun. If it takes you a while to go through, place the basket on a cupboard shelf, where it can hang out in the dark with the rice and cornmeal.

And now, for the coffee.

The Bean Bag was designed by and for coffee lovers, whether you brew a cup of single-origin reserve every morning or pour yourself some breakfast blend on the way out the door.

For the aficionados, we recommend following the National Coffee Association’s optimal coffee storage guidelines here. To keep coffee at maximum freshness, experts recommend storing whole beans in an air-tight storage container. When you get home from the store with fresh beans, either empty the beans from your Bean Bag into the storage container or place the entire Bean Bag in the container. Pump the vacuum button to remove as much air as possible and set the container away from the sun or any heat source to retain as much freshness as possible.

Many devoted coffee drinkers are less concerned about maintaining absolute peak freshness and are happy to keep their coffee beans or grounds in the bag until using them. Paper bags allow oxygen to reach your beans, and even in the freezer can affect taste if stored this way for several weeks, or longer. We recommend an air-tight container if you need to freeze your beans.

Here’s a brief article from the National Coffee Association on optimal coffee storage:


next post, we’ll answer the burning question: what is that little valve really for, on pre-packaged coffees?


Happy Holidays, Coffee Drinkers!

We are looking forward to a house full of family and friends from all across the country, driving and flying in for the holidays this year, and I’ve sourced beans from a variety of coffee roasters to taste test some delicious freshly brewed coffees when we get back from a walk in the woods.

A dark Sumatra in the french press while we peel and slice the potatoes. Single-origin Guatemalan pour over to sip before getting the roast into the oven. And whoever’s in charge of the pecan pie gets a latte made with the El Borbollon/Salvador beans picked up at Moody Coffee Roasters in the French Alps. We’re going to experiment with a finely-ground espresso powder dusted over the sweet potatoes to balance their super-sweet flavor.

We are working with some great new fabrics for The Bean Bag as we get production up to speed in 2018.  

enjoy your holiday celebration!

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