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Looks like the real thing!

High quality, functional, and reusable, The Bean Bag holds one pound of coffee beans or freshly ground coffee. This good-looking bag sits right on the counter, or you can transfer gourmet coffee from The Bean Bag to an airtight storage container at home or office. You can also use The Bean Bag as a sleeve over a traditional paper coffee bag, prolonging the life of the paper bag over many refills.

A coffee drinker’s essential, The Bean Bag is washable, reusable and eco-friendly…and it makes a great gift! One bag for regular. Another for decaf. Maybe one to take to the office.

Our Cool Beans secure-closure bag has more sustainable uses. Many dry bulk goods can travel home in The Bean Bag instead of a plastic bag. Excellent for dried beans, rice, pasta; transfer dry goods to an airtight container for extended storage. 1# capacity

The Bean Bag is made in the U.S./patent pending.