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Happy Holidays, Coffee Drinkers!

We are looking forward to a house full of family and friends from all across the country, driving and flying in for the holidays this year, and I’ve sourced beans from a variety of coffee roasters to taste test some delicious freshly brewed coffees when we get back from a walk in the woods.

A dark Sumatra in the french press while we peel and slice the potatoes. Single-origin Guatemalan pour over to sip before getting the roast into the oven. And whoever’s in charge of the pecan pie gets a latte made with the El Borbollon/Salvador beans picked up at Moody Coffee Roasters in the French Alps. We’re going to experiment with a finely-ground espresso powder dusted over the sweet potatoes to balance their super-sweet flavor.

We are working with some great new fabrics for The Bean Bag as we get production up to speed in 2018.  

enjoy your holiday celebration!